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Priority 1 Aviation was founded in 1991 by Robert Tijerina. Since then Priority 1 has become a leader in business jet aircraft sales worldwide, providing knowledgeable aircraft recommendations and unparalleled brokerage services. The success of Priority 1 is due to its determination and personalized one-on-one service to each client — we’ll find the right aircraft for you and your business, every time.

Whether you are buying or selling, Priority 1 offers the most up-to-date experience and knowledge when it comes to your corporate aircraft needs. Our sales expertise with business and corporate jet aircraft sales has resulted in representing many fortune 500 companies worldwide, making us one of the most well-known international aircraft brokerage and acquisition firms on the globe.

Priority 1 will assist in making your corporate aircraft transaction a success. If you want to buy or sell a corporate jet aircraft, we can help. Our dedication to our customers and clientele is our proof that we always make you and your business our number one priority.

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